Data Processor Agreement

This Data Processing Agreement forms part of the ConnectMyApps Terms of Use (and any ancillary or related documentation), as updated or amended from time to time, between the customer and ConnectMyApps.

How to Execute This Agreement

This agreement has been pre-signed by ConnectMyApps. If ConnectMyApps processes personal data on behalf of a ConnectMyApps customer that qualifies as a controller with respect to that personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) (an Eligible Customer), such Eligible Customer may execute this agreement.

Eligible Customers can complete this agreement by:

  • Downloading the agreement using this link: Data Processor Agreement.
  • Completing the customer company information section and counter-signing on the final page.
  • Submitting the completed and signed agreement to ConnectMyApps at privacy@connectmyapps.com.
  • Upon receipt of the validly completed and signed agreement in accordance with the instructions above, the agreement will become legally binding.