Learn how you can cut down admin & improve control by “Creating a connected business”

Save time and money by connecting your software applications to automate common business processes

If, like most SMEs, you use several different software applications for tasks like CRM, accounting, timesheets, payroll, email marketing, ecommerce or point of sale, you probably spend a lot of time retyping or importing records from one program to another.

This 17 page e-book explains how connecting your software apps can save you time, money and help your business run more efficiently. It covers:

  • > how to spot whether disconnected apps are costing your business money
  • > the different options for software integration
  • > the advantages and disadvantages of each integration approach
  • > guidelines on which approach is best for your business
  • > day in the life example of a business with connected apps compared with disconnected apps
  • > special features on “Demystifying cloud computing” and getting more from your CRM system

Download your free ebook today and see how a connected business can save you hours each week.

About ConnectMyApps

ConnectMyApps is an application integration platform for small businesses that connects and synchronizes data between Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, E-mail, E-Commerce, Project Management, Helpdesk and other software. It offers continuous data synchronization, customization tools, and works with both desktop and cloud applications. Read more at www.connectmyapps.com

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